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"creating a
sustainable legacy."
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Education on Natural Burial Ground

We not only provide a natural burial ground, but are committed to raising awareness about sustainable burial practices. Associated with the Natural Path Sanctuary, is an educational program focused on promoting sustainable end-of-life care choices and burial practices. In addition to our green cemetery as a demonstration of sustainable principles, in partnership with the Farley Center, we offer periodic workshops around the topic of death as a natural part of life.

Learning about Natural Path Sanctuary

When you purchase a burial site at the Natural Path Sanctuary, you are welcome to participate in these various educational offerings for free, as well as any of the activities that are hosted at the Farley Center throughout the year. Refer to the calendar of events for a listing of educational offerings http://www.farleycenter.org, if interested in participating in any of the programs or events, please contact the Farley Center staff to reserve your spot: Call (608) 845-8724 or info@farleycenter.org

In addition to these offerings, if you are interested in a guided tour of the Natural Path Sanctuary burial ground, please call Shedd Farley, the Natural Path Sanctuary coordinator, (608) 845-8724 or e-mail mailto:director@farleycenter.orgĀ  to make an appointment.